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What I do

With over fifteen years of experience in the hospitality, consumer electronics, and medical device industries, I hold a unique skill set of being both a proficient writer and a creative illustrator. With a keen sense for design and a solid background in traditional and digital mediums, I can take a book, manual, guide, catalog, or brochure from concept to commercial print-ready. This includes everything within the scope of desktop publishing from the written word (technical, instructional, and creative copy), graphic design, illustration, and layout to a polished, published work of art for print or web.

Publications now embrace elements of design beyond words; visuals have become a major part of our communicative vocabulary, an area in which I thrive. An essential component of effective marketing, visual communication should reflect the inherent quality of the product it promotes and the company it serves. This is where my creative flair resides:

•   Technical writing, illustrating, and layout of end-user guides, installation, and service manuals.
•   Conceptual design and storyboarding.
•   Instructional design, presentational and technical illustrations for product promotion, tutorials, and training.
•   Copywriting, marketing, graphic design for catalogs, packaging, labels, ads, spreads, and covers.

•   Engineering background able to distill complex technical jargon into plain English for non-technical audiences.

The primary tools of my profession are the most current releases of Adobe's InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, and Acrobat Pro (packaged as Adobe Creative Cloud). Other authoring tools include MadCap Flare, and on a traditional level, most mediums. Please check out my writing and illustration portfolio for samples of my work.  

You see things, and you say “why?” but I dream things that never were, and I say “why not.” George Bernard Shaw

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